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We move your temperature-sensitive freight quickly and efficiently


On-Time. Every Time. Incident-Free

GN Group specializes in refrigerated and frozen food transportation services. Our professional drivers can safely deliver your products on time and at the right temperature.


Real-time GPS tracking and 24-hour customer support center ensure that the transportation of sensitive, refrigerated cargo will exceed your expectations.

GN Group Inc

Transporting your goods with the utmost care

Have a truckload shipment ready for pickup?

As a truckload carrier operating across the continental United States, we specialize in refrigerated goods freight deliveries. 


GN GROUP INC  currently holds a “Satisfactory” rating, which is the highest safety rating issued by the Department of Transportation.

Driving Opportunities

Our drivers are at the heart of everything we do.

High-End Fleet & In House Truck Repair Service

GN Group Inc. is a Illinois based transportation company

Our Fleet & Equipment

Our modern and well-maintained fleet of truck and trailers are equipped with the latest technologies and tracking capabilities – guaranteeing your shipments arrive safely and on time.

GN Group Truck Repair Service

GN Group shop provides a wide range of truck repair services. We offer our drivers and partners prompt service at the highest level. After all, a truck is built to endure heavy demands and must be well maintained.

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