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GN Group Inc - Reliable Freight Transport Company

GN Group Inc

Transporting your goods with the utmost care

Foundation of GN Group Inc.

After almost a decade of working in the trucking industry, George Nikolaev founded GN GROUP INC in 2014.


Starting with 4 employees and a few tractors and trailers, the fleet doubled within the first two years of operation.


GN Group’s steady growth in recent years is due to the highly motivated team of professionals and their dedication to providing excellent service to all customers. 


At present day, after over 11 years of providing reliable transportation services at competitive rates, GN Group has delivered more than 3000 loads on time and incident-free.

Safety is our TOP PRIORITY

Working together for safety transportation!

GN GROUP INC  currently holds a “Satisfactory” rating, which is the highest safety rating issued by the Department of Transportation. 


We maintain strict adherence to all Federal and State requirements governing transportation.

The company also conducts safety meetings to provide ongoing training for our driver workforce.

All of our new staff members go through a structured orientation, ensuring that each employee is trained to handle their daily assignments safely. 


Check out our safety score here ->



As our fleet grows, we’re constantly looking for qualified candidates to join our team

GN Group Truck Repair Service

Heavy-duty repairs

Reliable truck and trailer repair service for company drivers and owner-operators.


Don’t let mechanical problems get in your way. We have the proper equipment to repair and/or replace the issue quickly and effectively.


We are confident that our knowledge, experience, and technical capabilities will allow us not only to quickly pick up the necessary equipment that is ideally suited to solve your problems but also to ensure its subsequent low-cost operation.



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