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Time and temperature-sensitive cargo always requires special attention and level of experience

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Our GN Group reefer trucks, complete with advanced ThermoUnit technology, keep your perishable goods and materials at a strict temperature between -20 and 80 degrees.


Our drivers can transport anything from X materials to frozen food and fresh produce with insulated roofs, walls, flooring, and doors.


Not only do our reefer trucks protect goods requiring low temperatures, but they’re also used for safeguarding materials from extreme heat. This is particularly helpful when transporting chemicals, equipment, and plastic containers susceptible to the elements.


GN Group trucks also feature temperature monitoring and GPS transit tracking, protecting goods across a range of industries including chemical and allied products, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and agricultural.


We manage every step of the transportation process to ensure your freight is delivered promptly and at a pre-cooled temperature.

What is the Cold Chain Process

And why it is important to the freight transportation industry?

A cold chain is a logistics management process that requires the movement of chilled products at a temperature between 36° and 46°F.


Cold chain transport is a temperature-controlled distribution chain used in highly regulated industries such as food and beverage.

What Are the Components of the Cold Chain?

The three fundamental elements of the cold chain rely on cooling technology to maintain the integrity of shipped goods. These elements include the following:

  • Product: Cold chain logistics involves getting temperature-sensitive goods from one place to another. The products need specific temperature and humidity conditions during the shipping process.


  • Origin and destination: The places where the product originates and ends up are crucial to consider in the cold chain. The longer the physical distance, the more challenging it is to keep a regulated temperature.


  • Distribution: Cold transport vehicles, or reefers, move goods and maintain stable conditions as the products travel to their final destinations. Refrigerated shipping containers can support uninterrupted travel.

Active vs. Passive Cold Chain Packaging

Why Is Efficient Cold Chain Transportation Important?

The efficient management of a cold chain supply line is essential for maintaining the integrity of the product. Unlike shipping non-perishable products such as clothing or furniture, a break in the cold chain could result in damage or spoilage that makes the product unusable.


Efficient cold chain transportation uses monitoring to track temperatures and reduces the number of hand-offs between the origin and destination. The cold chain industry has standardized temperature zones to maintain the products. A shipment will have one of five classifications, so any shipper or receiver knows how to store and manage the delivery:


  • Banana: Bananas and many other tropical fruits undergo controlled ripening during transport. The category has a temperature range between 53° and 57°F. It is also used to store oranges, pineapples, and potatoes

  • Chill: The “chill” classification, ranging between 36° and 39°F, is used to transport many fruits, vegetables, and fresh meat.


  • Frozen: Frozen beef, poultry, pork, cakes, and bread must stay between 14° and -4°F.


  • Deep-frozen: Seafood, ice cream, and other items requiring the coldest transport temperature are kept at -13° to -22°F.


Keeping products cold is crucial when the temperature affects the integrity and usability of those goods. It becomes even more crucial when their temperature is a matter of public health or safety.

Driving Opportunities

Our drivers are at the heart of everything we do.


The backbone of the freight transportation industry in USA. 

Have a truckload shipment ready for pickup?

As a truckload carrier operating across the continental United States, we specialize in dry van freight deliveries.


Primarily focused on long-haul routes. 


We are also equipped to handle short-haul and interstate cargo moves as needed.

High-End Fleet & In House Truck Service

GN Group Inc. is a Illinois based transportation company

Our Fleet & Equipment

Our modern and well-maintained fleet of truck and trailers are equipped with the latest technologies and tracking capabilities – guaranteeing your shipments arrive safely and on time.

GN Group Truck Repair Service

GN Group shop provides a wide range of truck repair services. We offer our drivers and partners prompt service at the highest level. After all, a truck is built to endure heavy demands and must be well maintained.

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